The Importance of Aftercare

p_transitional_living02It is about time that I introduce myself on the blog – my name is Greer Findura and I am the Social Media Marketing Manager for Oliver-Pyatt Centers, as such, I also manage Our Blog. I have a background in psychology and counseling and have worked with the amazing OPC team since 2009 as a recovery coach, primary therapist, and recovery case manager.

I was lucky enough to participate in our Family Friday events last weekend and presented on the importance we place on aftercare services. At Oliver-Pyatt Centers we begin the process of aftercare planning as soon as our women enter treatment – maintaining constant communication with families and outpatient teams and keeping in mind the environment our women will be returning to after their time with us. We know how difficult the transition from a residential level of care to home can be and highly recommend our women participate in a step-down program to take a baby step back into the real world, to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and receive continued support in their recovery.

Our Transitional Living Program truly bridges the transition from residential treatment to independent life, promoting community connection, enhanced life skills, exposure to new opportunities all while receiving the support and love from our OPC team. Our women are able to live in supported, recovery-focused apartment living while strengthening their unique identity and becoming a part of the community around them, all while receiving intensive outpatient services to explore and work through any triggers or roadblocks that may arise in this lower level of care.

Our wonderful medical, psychiatric, therapeutic, and nourishment teams maintain open communication throughout all levels of care and collaborate to create the most effective and unique aftercare plan for each and every one of our women. When a client is ready to leave our care and return to their home, college, etc. she and her outpatient treatment team are provided a comprehensive discharge summary with detailed information and clinical recommendations for continued support on her path to recovery. Our clients and families are a part of this process from admissions to aftercare. We love and support each and every woman throughout her path to recovery.

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To contact our Admissions department and speak to Dr. Melissa Spann or another member of our admissions team, please e-mail us here or call {866.511.4325} at any time. For aftercare inquiries, please contact Alumni Manager Wendy Shoaf, via e-mail.