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At Oliver Pyatt-Centers, we offer a state-of-the-art continuum of care for eating disorder treatment with a dedication to compassion and respect for our clients’ humanity. You can see our clinical outcomes here, but the testimony of our clients tells the tale much better. Whether receiving treatment for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, compulsive exercise, or another eating disorder, Oliver-Pyatt Centers clients can expect the highest quality care available outside a hospital setting. Here’s what some of our former clients have to say about their time at Oliver-Pyatt Centers.


“Connecting with my peers who understood and supported me in my treatment was such an important part of my time at Oliver-Pyatt.” – alumni, Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Day Treatment)

“Some of the most significant parts of my treatment were the therapy sessions.” – alumni, Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Day Treatment)

Eating Disorder Treatment

We Are Here To Help!

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“I really valued the time for individual and group therapy here. I’m also grateful for the meal support that I received.” – alumni, Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Day Treatment)

“The friends that I made at Oliver-Pyatt played a huge role in my recovery.” – alumni, Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Day Treatment)

“One of the things I really valued while at Oliver-Pyatt was the supportive community. It made all the difference.” – alumni, Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Residential)

“While in treatment, I was able to have valuable discussions with the staff when I needed it, especially in moments of crisis.” – alumni, Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Residential)

“The connections I made with the other clients were the best part of my experience at Oliver-Pyatt.” – alumni, Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Day Treatment)

“I enjoyed meeting people and making new friends, but an important part of my treatment was finding the ‘why’ behind my eating disorder.” – alumni, Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Residential)

“Understanding that I have an eating disorder – and that there is hope to fix it – was crucial to my recovery process.” – alumni, Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Residential)

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