Positivity and Inspiration

During the winter months and after the holidays have come to an end, it can sometimes be easy to fall into a slump. We have compiled our top tips for beating the winter blues and generating positivity and inspiration.

1. Create a collage. You can create a physical collage with magazine clippings, drawings, and paint or design an online collage here. Make sure your collage is full of positive and inspirational photos, quotes, and pictures. Ideas: calming scenery; inspiring career or educational quotes; health and recovery focus; positive role models and the messages they promote; etc.

2. Positive Affirmations. Create your own affirmations to place at your desk, on a mirror, or within a journal. If you need some inspiration to get started, check here.

3. Mindful movement. Take a relaxing walk around the neighborhood and take in sites you have never noticed before, join a yoga flow class with a friend, play with an animal in the park Рmindful movement can bring relaxation to your mind and body. Please make sure to check with your doctor before participating in any physical activity. 

4. Journal. Journaling allows you to free your mind and take a moment to focus on yourself. For a slight variation Рcreate a positivity and inspiration journal to bring your focus to an imaginative and  encouraging place.

5. Join a book club. Take some time to relax, engage with friends, and learn from other’s experiences. Reading can open up your world and allow you to look at things in an entirely new way.

6. Start a new hobby. In addition to joining a book club, have you ever wanted to try pottery, painting, cooking, photography? Learning a new skill can inspire all aspects of your life and bring enjoyment in the process.

7. Do something good for others. This can range from helping someone across the street, studying with a neighborhood child, or giving back at a homeless shelter or hospital. Do what speaks to you and gain inspiration from the positivity you are adding to the world.

How else do you add positivity and inspiration to your life?