Executive Director Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD, FAED, CEDS joins an esteemed group of professionals on a special interest group panel, discussing “Opportunities and Risks with Recovered Clinicians: Ensuring Well-Being in Residential / Inpatient Facilities and the Eating Disorder Community,” at the upcoming Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) 2014 International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED). Below please find an excerpt from the upcoming presentation and contact information to join us at this event.

It is well known that many clinicians in the eating disorder field have their own personal history of an eating disorder. While there have been discussions about the implications for professionals, their employers, and their clients / patients, there is no clear decision on how to address this issue. A few main questions posed and to be answered by the above-mentioned panel include:

1. What time period should someone have strong recovery prior to working in the eating disorder field?

2. Should we have open discussions about eating disorder history? How should these conversations proceed?

3. What is the best course of action when a professional working in the ED field develops an eating disorder or experiences a relapse?

As recovery becomes a more broadly discussed topic in the field, these questions are critical to study, discuss, and better understand. After reviewing the current literature and developing data on the prevalence of personal eating disorder histories in those working in the field, panel members will present the results of a new survey of global eating disorder treatment programs seeking to better understand the experience of programs employing or interfacing with these professionals. Panel members will present various models currently in use in regards to hiring guidelines and the process for assisting a staff member thought to be experiencing relapse.

We hope to see you at the panel presentation and the ICED Conference being held from March  27 – 29, 2014 in New York. Advanced registration is now closed, but registration at the time of the event is welcome. To meet with a member of our staff during the conference please e-mail us here.

Information and copy from this post acquired from the Academy for Eating Disorders 2014 ICED SIG Panel Description Form. 

Oliver-Pyatt Centers is grounded in mindfulness and the belief that each person has the capacity for a mindful relationship with food and their body. Present in every aspect of our program, this philosophy encompasses nutrition and eating, as well as movement, with an emphasis on becoming free from negative habits, behaviors and rigidity. We work from a place of empathy and wisdom, using a medically grounded, psychologically gentle approach.

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