OPC Nutrition Philosophy Part Two: Intuitive Eating & Exposures

In order to achieve the end goal of intuitive eating, the gap between disordered and intuitive eating must be filled. This is accomplished through the implementation of a structured meal plan, educating individuals on the foundation of intuitive eating and repeated exposure work.

Foundations of Intuitive Eating

  • Tolerate the unknown, unconfirmed & inexact
  • Learn to work with, not against, the body
  • Discover preferences, needs and satiety
  • Assess patterns and trends
  • Commit to decisions with limited options, increasing over time
  • Use internal cues as a guide to meal plan flexibility and modifications within structured pattern
  • Practice using internal dialogue to fight for recovery

Taking these fundamental aspects of intuitive eating and the practice of mindfulness into consideration, Oliver Pyatt Centers have created a level system to address the various degrees of hunger. This scale ranges from 0 on an empty stomach, to 10 on a extremely full stomach. This scale allows individuals to become aware of their current hunger level and what cues to be aware of as they go through treatment.


The integration of exposure work at OPC is another unique aspect of the program. A “Food Fear” is a specific food item that causes an individual to feel increased anxiety and shame. Through thoughtfully integrating this into their meals, over time individuals become more accepting of the foods.

Thoughtfully Integrated Nutrition Exposure Work

  • Food only model with naturalistic consequences.
  • Menu featuring a wide variety of foods for both nourishment and enjoyment.
  • Weekly meal outings, ordering in and celebration experiences.
  • Snack options with structure.
  • Set menu with highly limited substitutions.
  • Pre and post meal processing groups 3 times daily
  • Varied group size and portion variety.



Addressing these food fears and helping individuals with portion control is key to help them reach their goal of healing and practicing intuitive eating.

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