Nutrition Series Part One: The Oliver-Pyatt Centers Difference

Director of Nutrition Mary Dye, MPH, RD, CEDRD, LD/N oversees all nutrition across Oliver-Pyatt Centers. In part one of the Nutrition Series, Mary introduces the nutrition program at OPC. She shares the difference she has seen in the clients who attend OPC and some of the key elements in helping clients establish an improved relationship with food.

At Oliver-Pyatt Centers, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders in using exposure and response prevention techniques with food. Every aspect of our nutrition model is designed to move clients forward while simultaneously offering firm boundaries and loving support.

Prior to joining the team here, I noticed a difference in what my clients discharging from OPC were able to accomplish in their treatment stays as compared to my clients sent to other top-notch treatment centers. My OPC clients returned to me with a deeper understanding of the connection between satiety and nourishment and the feedback system of their bodies. When they returned, we talked about more than the food and meal planning. We spoke of how it felt to respond to their body’s signals, what barriers stood in their way and what tools they needed to not just meet their needs and adhere to their meal plan, but to continue taking risks, pushing their comfort zones and take the extra step of eating for satiety, rather than just fuel. Essentially, I knew that in sending them to OPC, their eating disorders would have no-where to hide. And as much as they may not believe they wanted, needed or deserved the support, they’d ultimately have little choice but to accept the support around them because we limit the opting out of our food exposures. Now, it’s my mission to ensure all referring RDs feel this difference and understand the degree of thoughtfulness that goes into their client’s experiences with food.

So how do we do this? Limited options, ample support, timeliness, inclusion of “threatening foods”.


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