Navigating the Insurance and Admissions Process

Executive Director Melissa Spann, PhD, CEDS sheds light on some of the most frequently asked questions received by our admissions department at Oliver-Pyatt Centers.  The Oliver-Pyatt Centers team is here to help guide you through every aspect of treatment and to support your loved one and family on the path to recovery. 

Do you take insurance?

Yes! We accept and work well with most all insurance companies. One of our specialties is digging in really deep with every insurance policy to navigate the challenging nuances and come up with the best plan for each client.

We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Humana. 

What does it mean to be an out-of-network provider?

Different insurance plans have different plan options to choose from. For some insurance plans, even when we are not in network, we have still have the ability to work with your insurance through the use of your out-of-network benefits.

What makes OPC different than other programs?

OPC takes an individualized approach to every client. Our philosophy is one in which we are emphasizing comprehensive care through medical, clinical, psychiatric, nutritional and family support. One of the cornerstones of our model, daily therapeutic contact, allows clients to develop a deeper therapeutic connection; it is through this vital therapeutic relationship that clients are able to delve into treatment fully and deeply for healing to occur. We have 24 hour nursing and are able to work with complex eating disorders and co-occuring disorders. Our multidisciplinary team uses a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model to treatment – meaning, identifying the core issues that drive the eating disorder and addressing all of the co-occurring issues that may accompany it. Our treatment philosophy is centered around the idea of “If not now, when?”

How can I be involved in my loved one’s treatment even though I live in another state?

Your participation in treatment is critical to the overall process. Our goal is to provide healing and recovery for your entire family system. While your loved one is receiving treatment, we hope to provide resources to those in their home environments as well. We have weekly family therapy sessions via HIPPA compliant video conferencing, in-person monthly family programming as well as additional support as needed.

What can I do as a parent to advocate for my daughter’s benefits?

You are an essential advocate to your loved one’s treatment. There are so many ways in which family members play a critical role to long term recovery, navigating the challenges within our healthcare system is one. The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) has some incredible resources for parents on navigating our healthcare system, being an advocate, and articulating arguments to third party payers. I encourage every family to know their rights and advocate on their behalf. We are committed to helping you through this often challenging process.


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