MOM March

Senior Primary Therapist Jamie Blosser Morris, MS, LMHC shares her passion for the upcoming MOM March in Washington, D.C. on September 30th and invites you, our readers, to participate in any way you feel compelled. For further information, please visit the #MarchAgainstED website. We hope to see you there!
On Tuesday, September 30th, the inaugural MOM March will be taking place on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The MOM March is truly an unimaginable event! Initiated by The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, the MOM March is historic in that it brings together non-profit organizations and treatment centers to unify in voice and to deliver a powerful message. Together, we will be marching to honor those who have suffered and recovered, those who still suffer, and those who have lost the battle. Together, we will be marching to honor families and loved ones who have also faced and suffered the impact of eating disorders. Together, we will be marching to decrease the stigma associated with eating disorders and get people talking about the need for additional research and prevention/education, and improved access to treatment.  
Why am I marching? I am marching to raise awareness about the far reaching impact of eating disorders and to instill hope that recovery is possible and help is available. I am marching to honor my friends who have suffered and recovered. I am marching to honor the women and families that I have the privilege to join on their journey to recovery. I am marching to honor those that have sadly lost the battle. I am marching to advocate for those individuals who do not have access to treatment because insurance companies have denied authorization of appropriate level of care. I am marching to provide hope to those who are still living in fear and are struggling to take the first steps toward recovery. I am marching to cheer on those who are battling with ambivalence about recovery. I am marching to prevent the onset of eating disorders. I am marching to honor the work my colleagues and I do day in and day out to support those in their pursuit of recovery. I am marching to empower others to take interest in eating disorders. Why are you marching?
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