Meet Our Team: Mary Dye


1. What is your name and how long have you been with Oliver-Pyatt Centers?
Mary Dye. I have been with Oliver-Pyatt Centers for two years. Prior to working here, I had the pleasure of knowing Oliver-Pyatt Centers as an outpatient dietitian. I was so impressed by their work I had to move down and join the team!

2. Provide a few sentences about your role at Oliver-Pyatt Centers.
I oversee all of the nutrition services at Oliver-Pyatt Centers. I supervise the nutrition work in all levels of care and across our various programs. Additionally, I meet individually with all of the women participating in our Transitional Living Program. I also have the pleasure of meeting many providers around the country and speaking with family members about the treatment their loved ones receive at Oliver-Pyatt Centers. A big perk of my role is the ability to educate professionals and the public about eating disorders.

3. What is your favorite thing about working as the Director of Nutrition Services at Oliver-Pyatt Centers?
My team. I could not ask for a more passionate, dedicated, loving, creative, and smart group to work with every day. The entire OPC team, from our graphic designer and human resources department to the clinicians, chefs, and recovery coaches, has such a high level of dedication to patients and their families and true passion for helping our women succeed. The team puts a smile on my face every day and reassures me that every woman who enters our doors is in the best hands possible.

As a mother of two young girls, I feel a real obligation to help create a culture I want them to live in. Whether advocating against school BMI screenings, pointing out the dangers of photoshopping, or fighting for insurance coverage for eating disorder treatment, I have the pleasure of working on a team devoted to the same causes. For so many of us the work we do speaks to larger cultural issues we feel a personal obligation to change. This passion inspires and motivates my work.

4. Tell us three things nobody knows about you.
I grew up surfing and feel so blessed to have been raised near the ocean. I grew up in a family of pilots so many weekends were spent doing take offs, landings, and stalls in the air. It has resulted in a real love of spontaneity, travel, and roller coasters! The ice cream cone was invented in my hometown of Norfolk, VA (I am particularly proud of this one!)

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