Meet Our Team: Leslee Gilbert

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Primary Therapist Leslee Gilbert, MS, LMHC is passionate about the work she does with her teammates in the Intensive Outpatient/Transitional Living Program. Leslee shares how the team works together to help clients fully recovery. Learn more about Leslee and the IOP/TLP team in this week’s Meet Our Team installment …

What is your name and what are your credentials?

My name is Leslee Gilbert and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Primary Therapist in our Intensive Outpatient/Transitional Living Program.

Please give us a brief description of your background.

I completed my undergraduate degree, receiving my BS in Psychology at Florida State University (GO NOLES!) and went on to pursue my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling at Nova Southeastern University. I received training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy during my Practicum at University Hospital PHP Program. While I was completing my Master’s degree I started working as a Recovery Coach in our Residential Program where I began to learn more intimately what it really takes to recover from an Eating Disorder. Once I finished with my Master’s program I began working as a full time Primary Therapist in both the Residential and IOP Levels of Care. I have transitioned through many roles here and feel incredibly grateful for that. I have grown both professionally and personally with OPC!

What does a typical day look like for you at OPC?

There really is no typical day which is one of my favorite things about working here. On certain days you can find me facilitating a Relapse Prevention or DBT group. Sometimes I am catching up on emails or consulting with the team on a case. Afternoons are used for session times or family phone calls and every now and then, I will sneak out to the milieu to have snack or just sit and connect with the women before group time.

In your own words, please describe the philosophy of OPC.

To me, OPC is about full recovery. We believe that recovery from an eating disorder is possible and we strive to help women regain their lives and live fully. Each individual person and process is unique with a different set of challenges and strengths and we work together as a multidisciplinary team to ensure that those strengths are being utilized as part of the treatment, and the individual concerns and struggles are effectively treated.

How does your team work together? How do your roles overlap and differ?

The IOP team rocks!! We support and encourage each other, which sometimes includes hugs when needed. I have never felt alone in this challenging but rewarding work that we do day in and day out. Our roles differ in the day to day responsibilities but we all have the same desire and passion, to help these women regain their lives.

What is your favorite thing about OPC?

I have a lot of favorite things about OPC, I don’t think I can narrow it down to one! First thing that comes to my mind is being able to work alongside intelligent, compassionate, strong women that inspire me every day. I also have to add that being able to witness change and growth first hand, has been the most incredible experience and when that happens, I am reminded of why I love OPC and the meaningful work we do here.

What are three facts about you that people do not know?

Most people might know this but I am getting married in January!

I have a Golden Retriever that is basically my child.

Sometimes I put sprinkles in my oatmeal in the morning.

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