Meet Our Team: Julie Rothenberg

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Registered Dietitian Julie Rothenberg, MS, RD, LDN shares her personal journey to joining the Oliver-Pyatt Centers team in this week’s blog post. Read on to learn more about Julie and the passionate work she is doing at OPC…

What is your name and what are your credentials?

My name is Julie Rothenberg MS, RD, LDN. I am Registered Dietitian / Licensed Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

Please give us a brief description of your background.

I grew in Coral Springs, Florida. I have wanted to be a dietitian from the young age of 7 (strange, I know)! I went to undergraduate school at the University of Florida where I got my bachelor’s of science degree in dietetics. I went to graduate school at Loyola University Chicago where I got my master’s of science degree in dietetics. I also did my 1200 hour dietetic internship at Loyola University Chicago. I then got my first job at Mount Sinai Medical Center on Miami Beach where I worked as an in patient dietitian starting on the general medicine floors and worked my way up to the ICU floors while started my private practice, JuliENERGYnutrition, LLC. After a few years, I dropped down to part time work at Mount Sinai’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, where I was the outpatient dietitian for 1.5 years until I went almost full time with my private practice. I have an office on Coral Way and also in Pembroke Pines where I help clients to improve their relationship with food and their bodies. I started working at Oliver-Pyatt Centers about a year ago, when I took over a maternity leave position. Since August, I have been working at OPC teaching mindful eating and cooking group to the residential clients.

What does a typical day look like for you at OPC?

Each week we alternate between mindful eating group and cooking group. During mindful eating group we discuss many subjects related to the intuitive eating philosophy such as food fears, hunger and fullness, meal coping skills and more. We also discuss various nutrition topics where the clients have a safe space to discuss the functions and benefits of many foods. We often do worksheets, activities and group discussions on these topics to supplement the knowledge provided. On weeks were we do cooking group, clients will make either breakfast for the next morning or snacks they can choose to have in the following few days. Examples of meals / snacks we have made include baked oatmeal, hummus and pita chips, oatmeal cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, jelly donuts, chopped fruit and more. I love teaching cooking skills and creating corrective experiences in the kitchen during these times.

In your own words, please describe the philosophy of OPC.

OPC’s philosophy in general is to be a team as we help our clients to find a more peaceful and loving relationship with themselves and with food. Our nutrition philosophy follows the intuitive eating principles. We encourage clients to learn how to connect with themselves, overcome disordered eating patterns and establish trust that their bodies will communicate what and how much they need to eat. It’s amazing to watch clients transform their relationship with themselves and with food under the OPC roof.

How does your team work together? How do your roles overlap and differ?

The nutrition team each has clients they see individually as well as additional roles such as to lead groups, grocery shop with clients, go on exposures, participate in staff and community meetings and so on. My role does not generally include seeing individual clients although I have been available to fill in on times when I have needed to. My job is similar to some of my team mates because I teach mindful eating group to the residential clients, however another dietitian teaches mindful eating group to the clients in the lower levels of care.

What is your favorite thing about OPC?

I love how open and loving OPC is. The second you come on board you are a part of a community. When I first heard about OPC I was drawn to the culture and energy of it and then when I came on board it fell nothing short of what I thought it would be. It has been a wonderful way to learn and grow professionally as well connect with all the other amazing staff members here too.

What are three facts about you that people do not know?

I was prom queen in high school.

I lived with two other Julies in college.

I love golden-doodles and I don’t have one but I need to pet every golden-doodle I see.

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