1. What is your name and what are your credentials?
Tali Yuz, Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
2. What is your background (brief introduction)?
I was born and raised in Aventura, FL. I am very close to my family and friends and love being back in Miami after two years in the cold Chicago weather! I went to the University of Florida for my undergraduate degree (Go Gators!) and received my doctorate degree from Nova Southeastern University. I completed my internship and post-doctoral fellowship at Northwestern University’s Counseling and Psychological Services and have always enjoyed working with the college and graduate school aged population. I have a dear friend who struggled with an eating disorder for many years and was always drawn to learning more about her experience as I started my training to become a psychologist.
3. What does a typical day look like for you at Oliver-Pyatt Centers (OPC)? 
I don’t know that there is a typical day at OPC, but most mornings if I am not running group I am checking e-mails, writing notes, calling providers/family members, or completing an insurance review. The entire staff in Azul then eats lunch together which I find to be a wonderful break in the day. My afternoons are spent seeing patients, running a group, and also spending time in the milieu.
4. In your own words, describe the OPC philosophy.
You are loved and accepted from the moment you walk in the door. OPC is a place where women come to heal and grow to become the people they are meant to be without their eating disorders. Women are taught new skills in a supported environment and are given the opportunity to practice in a non-judgmental place so they are fully equipped to handle what they face when they leave. 

5. How does the team at OPC work together?
The team is in constant communication about each patient and each discipline collaborates to ensure that treatment is most effective. We have formal weekly meetings and also frequent informal check-ins with one another on a daily basis. Working within a close, multidisciplinary team is a hallmark of OPC. 
6. What is your favorite thing about OPC?
I can’t choose one! My favorite “things” about OPC are the incredible staff who have become like family to me in a short time, the amazing and courageous patients who I feel fortunate to know, and the laughter. Despite all of the hard work and struggles, both the staff and the patients always find time to smile and laugh. 
7. What are three facts about you that people do not know?
My name means “morning dew” in Hebrew, my sister and I are first generation Americans (our mother from Paris, France and our dad from Haifa,Israel,) and I can do the human pretzel! 

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Oliver-Pyatt Centers is grounded in mindfulness and the belief that each person has the capacity for a mindful relationship with food and their body. Present in every aspect of our program, this philosophy encompasses nutrition and eating, as well as movement, with an emphasis on becoming free from negative habits, behaviors and rigidity. We work from a place of empathy and wisdom, using a medically grounded, psychologically gentle approach.

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