From Buddha to Brain Scans

The International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp) is hosting the annual Symposium 2014 this week through March 2nd. The iaedp Symposium’s program is created by and for professionals who work in therapeutic settings with patients. This continuing education is essential in providing the most effective treatment to our clients and fosters collaboration and friendship among clinicians, whether developing new connections or meeting as old friends.

We are very excited to be a part of this event, and learn and grow from all of you. As a sneak peek into the events and presentations that are scheduled, we are honored to share an excerpt from Carolyn Costin and Joan Borysenko’s presentation on March 1st.

I am honored to present a Keynote lecture at the 2014 IAEDP Symposium this Saturday, March 1st with Joan Borysenko. Our title, “From Buddha to Brain Scans: The Integration of Science, Psychotherapy, and Spirituality” stems from our mutual interest in these areas as well as our own personal transformations from illness to well-being. As neuroscience continues to validate ancient wisdom, Joan and I feel it is important to promote what used to be thought of as “fluffy” or “alternative” into the foreground as viable treatments and healing modalities. Our goal is to help inspire clinicians to educate themselves on how to help their clients train their brains to change their lives. The morning keynote will be followed by an afternoon session where both Joan and I will go into further detail and provide experiential exercises.

– Carolyn Costin, MFT, MA, MEd, CEDS / Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Monte Nido & Affiliates

We look forward to connecting with you all. To meet with us at the Symposium, please call Ibbits Newhall at 914.912.7561 or e-mail us at See you there!