Fear Busters

KarinL_blogKarin Lawson, PsyD is a licensed psychologist who is passionate about helping people create change in their lives through self-reflection, self-compassion, new perspective and new ideas. In her writing, Dr. Lawson offers some useful tips to help combat the fear you might be facing.  


Fear is a feeling, but it’s one that is incredibly powerful and can stand in our way like no other. It is not always rational . . . most of the time it’s not, yet it is all too real and intense none the less. When someone is struggling with an eating disorder, may times common everyday fears are ramped up and intensified. Reasons for this amplification can include co-morbid anxiety disorder(s), poor sleep and malnutrition both of which impact our physiological experience of fear, faulty core beliefs, history of trauma (both big T and little t) to name a few. If you’re set up for a major battle with fear, take heart, because there are some choices you can engage in to help make it a little less overwhelming.

In the recent Ghost Busters remake, it wasn’t a lone person but a group of kick butt, like-minded women who faced their fears together. So find your recovery-oriented tribe. Join a psychotherapy group, find a pro-recovery Facebook group or reconnect with those who have supported you in the past. When people are standing together, there’s more courage, less fear. You don’t need to do this alone.

Find your safe space. Whenever we’re venturing out of our comfort zone, facing fears and taking risks, we also need that nurturing, soothing safe space to rejuvenate and recover. This could be a comfy chair with headphones and blanket nearby or a spot under a tree where you take your journal and your dog. Your safe space is yours, so only you know what makes sense, but take some time to recognize it and make it happen. Many times in therapy we talk about an imaginary safe space, which is still legit support, but I also encourage you to find that literal space where you can let your hair down and relax in a tangible way.

Find inspiration from risk takers out in the world. Find those people those are conquering their fears. These don’t always need to be related to eating disorder recovery. Look for those people out there in life. Whether it’s conquering the fear of traveling alone or applying for a school that has always tugged at their heart, people are out there doing it and writing about it. Find them and hear their truth. My bet is that they were not fearless, but balancing the opposing concepts of fearfulness and courage. This is another way to recognize that you are not alone in this. The exact fears may be different, but the feeling is the same. Know that it can be done. Fear does not have to lead.

Here are some of my favorite fear busters when I need a courage boost.

Brene Brown’s Courage Works http://www.courageworks.com/

The Courage 2 Create Blog  http://thecourage2create.com/

100 Days Without Fear http://100dayswithoutfear.com/


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