An Introduction to Clementine

We are pleased to acquaint you with Clementine, the new residential program at OPC exclusively for adolescent girls. Director of Adolescent Services Dr. Amy Boyers provides a brief introduction to the program and insight into her experience working with adolescents.

Clementine, Oliver-Pyatt Centers new program for adolescent girls age 13-17

Clementine offers a model of treatment that blends the personalized and medically sophisticated care for which we are known, with the latest research and strategies for adolescents suffering from eating disorders. Located in a lush, private residential area, this highly specialized medical, psychiatric, nutritional, and clinical approach integrates comprehensive academic and family support within an intimate home setting. We work together to heal the entire family – instilling hope and trust.

Tell us a little bit about Clementine…

The adolescent program at OPC is designed to be sensitive to the developmental needs of this younger population. With this in mind, our groups and activities are specifically designed to be age-appropriate and will not include adult patients. In addition, parents are not only invited, but expected to participate in their child’s recovery by attending weekly family therapy sessions, coming to OPC for our weekly parent education program, participating in staff supported family meals, and attending our weekly Multi-Family Group. We understand parents are a part of the treatment team and we will work side-by-side with parents to help them better assist their child in her recovery. It is our hope that families and their loved ones with an eating disorder will have a medically and clinically based, and holistic experience where all feel understood, supported, and empowered by the treatment team.

Tell us about your experience working with adolescents…

I have been working with adolescents with eating disorders since my residency at Renfrew in 2000. Since then, I continued to see them in my practice and have seen them through every stage of recovery. I have experience working with families to address and treat eating disorders at home and within a treatment center. I have vast experience working with parents to help them understand how to manage the eating disorder and support them through this difficult process. In all of these years, I also have acquired a firm understanding of the educational, athletic, and medical issues that can be involved in treating a young person with an eating disorder. As a result, I have developed a network of professionals in the community with whom I collaborate in order to facilitate, augment, or support an individual or her family during this process. For more about Dr. Amy Boyers read her full “Meet Our Team” post here

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