My OPC Journey: Lissa Denis, RD, LD/N

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Director of Food Services Lissa Denis, RD, LD/N shares some of her personal journey at OPC in this week’s blog post. Get to know more about Lissa and her important role of Director of Food Services…

1. What first attracted you to want to work at OPC, and what of those things still inspire you today?

OPC had only been open about a month when I first learned about it from a friend working there. I was surprised to hear about the great work they were doing so close to where I grew up. Almost ten years later, I’m still inspired by the treatment team’s collaborative approach and each client’s individualized recovery path.

2. Tell me about your role or roles you have had at OPC over the years.

I began as a recovery coach, providing clients support throughout the day or night.  During my dietetic internship, I facilitated many different nutrition exposures including food challenges and grocery shopping. As a registered dietitian, I lead mindful eating groups, individual and group food exposures and individual nutrition sessions. I also manage food services and work closely with our chefs to ensure our services continue to enhance the nutrition programming.

3. What does the best day look like working at OPC?

A day at OPC often involves connecting with team members to make sure we are on the same page and up to date on any changes in the client community. I might take a client grocery shopping in preparation for her transition to a lower level of care or to pick out some personal snack items as a challenge. I would take a group of clients out to lunch and facilitate the pre-meal and post-meal process groups. In the afternoon, I would have individual nutrition counseling sessions and connect with outpatient providers.

4. How has working at OPC shaped you as a person?

I think my many experiences at OPC have helped me to become more open, compassionate and adaptable.


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