The Oliver-Pyatt Centers Difference

The road to recovery for individuals facing an eating disorder takes strength, stamina and perseverance. Those who are coping often benefit from a team of professionals that truly care about their patients. They require a team that has developed a comprehensive, personalized and intimate treatment plan for them to follow. That team can be found at Oliver-Pyatt Centers. Our team understands every individual comes from a different background bringing unique challenges and traits along with them. Our professionals work one-on-one with patients to provide a treatment catering to their specific needs and maximizing their chances for a full recovery.

Patients are the number one priority at Oliver-Pyatt Centers. They are treated in an intimate environment with a high staff-to-patient ratio. Treatment plans are highly customized and include thorough medical and psychiatric care to patients, individual psychotherapy, daily exposure therapy and extensive aftercare planning. Each particular program acts as a catalyst to the patients healing process and brings hope for their future following treatment.

In 2008, Oliver-Pyatt Centers opened Casa Rosada; as the first Casa (house) welcoming young women struggling with eating disorders to begin their holistic road to recovery. Clinical Director, Dr. Casey Fields, oversees the multidisciplinary team here that ensures sustainable recovery for patients.

“It is difficult to choose one part of my experience at Oliver-Pyatt Centers that was most meaningful. I can’t speak highly enough of Oliver-Pyatt Centers. I have grown more here in the past four months than I have in the past few years. Oliver-Pyatt Centers as a whole has made me a better person and for that I am incredibly grateful. However, if I had to choose one part of my experience I would deem most meaningful, I would have to choose my experience with my primary therapist in Casa Rosada. I can’t thank her enough for her part in my growth.” – Client Testimony

Neighboring Casa Rosada is Casa Verde, Oliver-Pyatt Center’s second house which opened its’ doors in 2011. Clinical Director, Dr. Benaaz Russell oversees the team at this location and ensures the philosophy of collaboration is held among team members and outpatient providers.

Casa Azul is the most recent center established in 2013. Dr. Tali Yuz-Berliner acts as the clinical director at this location and works collaboratively with a team to create a personalized, attentive experience for each patient.

Each Oliver-Pyatt Centers’ home has no more than 12 patients attending at a time, allowing us to implement consistent care and personalized programming for all. We provide a safe space for each patient to reside while focusing on their own unique recovery. Patients are treated with the utmost of care and follow a particular treatment plan designed just for them. This is no ordinary treatment center, this is The Oliver-Pyatt Centers difference.


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