Why OPC?

THE PHILOSOPHY OF CARE at Oliver-Pyatt Centers is grounded in mindfulness and the belief that each person has the capacity for a mindful relationship with food and their body. Present in every aspect of our program, this philosophy encompasses nutrition and eating, as well as movement, with an emphasis on becoming free from negative habits, behaviors and rigidity. We work from a place of empathy and wisdom, using a medically grounded, psychologically gentle approach.

PROGRAMS AT Oliver-Pyatt Centers integrate highly personalized and sophisticated medical, psychiatric, clinical and nutritional care with comprehensive family support. Our treatment is therapeutically grounded, incorporating state-of-the-art approaches, research, outcome data, up-to-date medical knowledge and is creative and flexible. A vital part of our in-depth bio-psycho-social model of treatment is the patient-therapist relationship, through which the core issues driving the eating disorder and any co-occurring disorders that accompany it can be discovered and thoroughly addressed.

ADJUNCT PROGRAMMING FOR CO-OCCURRING DISORDERS is a cornerstone of our successful treatment model. We understand the damaging impact of these disorders and choose the most effective treatments and therapies for each patient based on her personal history and needs.

AS OUR PATIENTS become more able to trust their bodies, they find they have a greater capacity for mindful eating, mindful movement and eventually mindful living. Mindfulness can become their new anchor as they learn to live day-by-day without the intrusion of the eating disorder.