After 17 years of struggling with not just an ED, but also PTSD, depression, and a neurological disorder, OPC was the first time I’d had the opportunity to get the level of care I needed. After years of isolation I was left in the care of people I hadn’t met, in a city I didn’t know, 24/7. I was terrified, exhausted, and paranoid.

At 35 years old, I left OPC having met myself for the first time ever. The relief in knowing I wasn’t a horrible, weak, and worthless person just taking up space in the world allowed a freedom I could only have known through this experience. The [unconditional nature] of the staff and OPC environment were like nothing I’d been exposed to before, and was one of the most refreshing realities I took away with me. Words will never express my gratitude for OPC’s willingness to help me, their ability to help me, and the joy they shared in helping me.” —V.S.

As I left OPC, I felt grateful for all the support and guidance I had received during my four-month stay. However, it was not until I arrived home and started to reconnect with my ‘real’ life that I was able to truly gauge how much investing four months at OPC has positively impacted me. In my two weeks since I got back, I have been able to do many of the things I hadn’t been able to do during the almost ten years that I was haunted by my eating disorder. OPC gave me the tools to let go of my rigidness, to be able to go out to dinner with my friends, to get the energy to go on hikes and enjoy nature, to be able to engage in conversation during dinner, to be able to stay out late if the occasion is right, to be able to accept unexpected plans, to try my mother’s special cookies, and to enjoy spending time with my dog even if he’s trying to get at my food. OPC taught me how to start living again, how to confront my problems in a healthy way, and how to accept my mistakes, as well as my accomplishments. OPC did not change my life, it helped me get it back.” —R.O.

I had this huge desire to tell you how well my daughter is doing. Myself and family feel truly blessed. This time last year we weren’t sure of her future, or if she even had one, and I personally was dying inside. Thanks to your intervention and your treatment center in Florida, she is one happy and healthy young lady. She came back home with the desire to get better. It has of course been a work in progress, but with the tools given her at Oliver-Pyatt and weekly therapy here, she continues to embrace life.

Wendy, my daughter is a true testament to the recovery process through Oliver-Pyatt Centers. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you! Myself and family thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” —E.J.

I feel like I was living in the dark with demons and bad things now I see angels everywhere. I changed how I perceive myself through learning, understanding, and forgiveness. I am saying goodbye ED. It wasn’t a pleasure to meet you and I am just letting you go. You are not part of my life anymore. I feel free, I feel good! The only good thing I got from you was the Oliver-Pyatt Center and I am thankful for THAT.” —M.G.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for my time at OPC. 6 months ago, I was on death’s doorstep—both in body & mind. Had I not mustered up the courage to take the leap of faith to come to Miami, I know I would not be here today experiencing recovery. From the get-go, I was skeptical about OPC—“It’s just like everywhere else.” Boy was I WRONG.

My life has made a complete 360 turnaround. Gradually as I began to put more and more trust in my team & commit to being 100% honest with my struggles, the more I began to experience life change. OPC focuses on you more as a person & an individual—not just a number. They focus on total health—mind, body, soul, spirit, personality, and want to help you learn to live again without a life of disorder.—L.L.

Thank you all so much! I’m so incredibly grateful to have met you all and had this wonderful experience. I’ll remember it forever. OPC has been life-changing. It’s hard to think of how I was when I first got here 7 weeks ago. I was SO sad. I look at all of the progress I’ve made here and I’m amazed. I’ve learned so much about myself, other people, and how great connecting with people is. It’s so vital to my well-being but I never knew how to connect before. You have all been absolutely wonderful to me and I’ll never forget you and OPC.” —Anonymous

Throughout my time at OPC, I have met the most inspirational mentors, the most wonderful therapists and professionals, and some incredibly determined and intelligent women who anyone would be lucky to meet. I had never been in residential treatment before so I didn’t really have any real expectations. I arrived scared, destroyed, inward and alone, but I am leaving with hope, knowledge, acceptance, and the support and love of my friends and family. I could never thank the women of OPC enough—you have changed my life and pulled me to safety and I will never, ever forget you.—Anonymous

Recovering from my eating disorder has been one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever faced. I’m glad that I was able to go through the first stages of recovery with constant support—I couldn’t have done any of this on my own, and I definitely wouldn’t have received the same respect and compassion at another treatment facility. At Oliver-Pyatt, I was treated like a person, not a patient, a fact for which I am very grateful. I’m so thankful for the efforts of my therapist and the rest of the staff, and I know they will be in my thoughts as I continue to explore life without my eating disorder.” —R.K.

During my four months here, I have proven to myself that I can and will live a life of recovery, continuing to be an intuitive eater for the rest of my life. My therapist, my nutritionist, and the clinical director guided me with loving hands towards my goals and helped me mature into the person I am today. There are no words to describe the work I did here. It is something I never thought I could possibly achieve and I did it. I am so proud of myself and I am so thankful to everyone that helped me along the way.” —J.W.