You deserve the opportunity to recover. Whether you are mentally or physically exhausted from your eating disorder, or not yet ready to let go, there is the possibility for change and personal growth in your life. There is hope and an opportunity for a life free from food and body preoccupation.

Our programs are focused on providing meaningful and comprehensive care while supporting you in our naturalistic treatment setting. From meals, to buying clothes, to just being in the world, we understand that the life you led before you got here is the one you will need to build on during and after treatment. Providing your care in a community setting, amidst all the triggers and stresses that can interfere with finding and celebrating your true self, is an important way to ensure that we are addressing your individual circumstances and challenges and offering real solutions.

Your life won’t be perfect when you step back into it. But you won’t need to run away from it either, because we will work together to allow you to experience your life in a way that is meaningful and manageable. We will help you learn to notice your true self; to see yourself as a connected and worthwhile human being, engaged with thoughts and feelings, and able to respect and nurture your many parts. This is my wish for you.

Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, M.D., FAED, CEDS

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