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At Oliver-Pyatt Centers, it is incredibly important for us to guide you through the treatment process in the most humane, compassionate way possible and to provide you with the education and care you need to help your loved one. The Oliver-Pyatt Centers Resource Library is a compilation of information to support this mission. You and your family will be provided a clear road map of the specific plans for each of the different modalities; what are the goals and what are the markers and signs that show progress is being made, in the immediate and longer term. You should become fully informed, active participants so you can heal along with your loved one.

Family Webinar / Video Series

Family Hunger Presentation | Anna Kowalski

Dining with the Family | Clementine Programs Director of Nutrition Amanda Mellowspring, MS, RD/N, CEDRD-S

Those fully recovered from an eating disorder would share that the holiday season can be an extremely distressing event for someone who is living with one. Family meals become tense if not obsolete because of the frustrations and anxieties associated with food selection, preparation, quantity, and behaviors at the table. Dining with friends is no longer a fun way to catch up, laugh, and share stories. It becomes an arduous task of eating enough of the “right” things to seem “normal enough” as one’s mind races with thoughts of hidden calories, special orders, and comparisons. As your loved one gains experience planning for these types of events over time, they will build resilience by implementing skills they have learned, leading to positive and healing experiences.  

If This Were My Daughter, Here’s What I’d Do | Clementine Medical Director Lauren Ozbolt, MD, CEDS

If This Were My Daughter, Here’s What I’d Do, Part II | Clementine Medical Director Lauren Ozbolt, MD, CEDS

As part of a family where an eating disorder was present, parents can relate to the conflicted feelings when coordinating the best course of treatment and continued recovery for their loved one. In this presentation, Dr. Ozbolt will speak from the perspective of an eating disorder specialist, as well as a mother, in determining the best course of action for the family. 

The Medical Complications of Eating Disorders | Chief Medical Officer Joel Jahraus, MD, FAED, CEDS

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