Family Care and Support

AT OLIVER-PYATT CENTERS, we recognize the devastating effects the eating disorder has on the family.

We guide the patient and family through the treatment process in the most humane, compassionate way possible, and provide them with the education and care they need to help their loved one through recovery. Families become fully informed, active participants so they themselves can heal along with the patient.

  • We begin by guiding each patient and her family step-by-step through the admissions process.
  • We review the application, conduct a thorough medical and intake assessment, and contact the outpatient clinical team to gather information that will inform our initial approach. Families receive a thorough understanding of the financial arrangement along with guidance on how to prepare for treatment.
  • Family members are a fundamental part of orientation.
  • From meeting with the treatment team upon arrival, to learning what the more encompassing plan for care will be. This "family roadmap" provides an understanding of how the family component is integrated into the program and what the patient and family can expect.
  • Communication continues throughout treatment.
  • We provide weekly family therapy and coaching either in person or remotely. We also share updates about milestone celebrations and any challenges that arise. Families are provided with email addresses and phone numbers to promote ease of communication with the treatment team. We provide further opportunities for families to participate in their loved one's recovery through our invaluable on-site programming. Family Fridays take place monthly.
  • As a patient moves closer to discharge, her family is significantly involved so they can plan effectively for that time.
  • We give them increased assurance that they have the necessary tools to successfully navigate and support their loved one's return home and long-term recovery.