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Posted on September 02, 2014 by StayConnected


Join us in reading inspirational and / or informative articles we have found across the web. If you have found an article you feel is inspirational or a knowledgeable piece of literature  and would like to share with us please send an e-mail here

Body Image Issues Are Affecting Children As Young As Four Daily Telegraph

To Be Happier, Healthier You Must Swim Against The Current Psychology Today

Five Common Myths About Depression Forbes

Thinner Is Better – Childhood Eating Disorders Healthy Place

Web Addiction Psychology Today

They Give Talks On Eating Disorders

Your Body Is Not Your Masterpiece Huffington Post

Elizabeth Banks Thanks Genetics For Her Body, Exposes The Fraud That Is Celebrity Fitness Huffington Post

Minimal Cost, Maximum Benefit: Screening For Eating Disorders In Schools

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